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GA Geospatial Conf. – Presentation Abstracts Submissions now open

The 2012 Georgia Geospatial Conference is requesting abstracts and posters/map gallery submissions from GIS professionals and students

The Georgia Geospatial Conference of 2012 to be held in Athens, Oct. 16-18 is shaping up to be an excellent event with a variety of subjects, presenters, and exhibits, not to mention numerous networking opportunities. This biennial event is the largest geospatial conference in the state.

By definition a conference is a chance to “confer,” to exchange information, not just receive it. For the conference to be its best, we need participants from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to share their experiences, so please consider giving a 45-minute breakout session presentation if you are a professional or a 20-minute presentation if you are a student. We are seeking a wide variety of topics, so do not feel like your presentation must be about a major, complex or cutting-edge project. Often a great presentation can just cover a small or simple project approached in a unique or innovative way.

By presenting or displaying your poster/maps, you share your knowledge and lessons learned, but also gain valuable feedback from others. Keep in mind, presenting at the conference can earn you valuable points towards earning or maintaining GISP certification for GIS professions or towards earning Professional Development Hours (PDH) for Surveyors.

If you would like to submit a presentation abstract or poster/map, please go to and click on Participate to access the online submission forms.

Now offering GIS classes in South Carolina

eGIS Associates is excited to announce, we are now offering GIS classes in South Carolina through a partnership with Microstaff IT. Microstaff IT is an award winning IT training and services company based in Columbia SC.

In addition to traditional GIS classes, we have developed a series of IT classes specifically to teach skills needed by GIS Users. Below is a list of classes we will be holding at Microstaff IT’s facility in Columbia SC in the near future.

ArcGIS Classes:

  • ArcGIS  Desktop 1: Getting to know GIS – July 12 -13 Official Esri Course
  • ArcGIS Desktop 2: Tools & Functionality – July 16-18 Official Esri Course
  • ArcGIS Desktop Associate  Certification Exam Prep – July 19-20

IT Classes for GIS Users

  • SQL Server 1: Managing  & maintaining data in SQL Server – June 20-22, New class of GIS Users that need to  manage SDE Geodatabases in SQL Server.
  • Intro to computer networking basics for GIS Users  – July  2-3, New class
  • SQL Server 2: Installing & Configuring SQL Server  – July 25-27, New class for those implementing SDE with SQL Server

For more information about these classes please visit our website or email us at

IT Courses specifically for GIS

IT skills are becoming more critical to maintaining and managing a GIS with the expansion of server, web and mobile technologies. eGIS Associates, in partnership with Microstaff IT, have developed a series of IT classes specifically focusing on skills and knowledge needed by GIS Manangers and Database Administrators. Course topics include basic networking, Windows Server 2008, Internet Information Server and SQL Server.

So far we have developed four courses which include:

We will be offering these as online Instructor Led Courses. Those in the Columbia South Carolina area will also have the option to attend the courses at MicroStaff IT’s facilty. In addition we will also be holding traditional GIS training classes at this location. Please check our current training schedule for a complete list of upcoming classes.

Tripp Corbin, CFM, GISP
eGIS Associates, Inc.


Geodatabases, Linear Referencing, & Geometric Networks Class in March

Are you trying to create a geodatabase for your group? Want to use some of the Geodatabase data validation options such as topologies, subtypes or domains but aren’t sure exactly how? Are you trying to transition away from shapefiles? Are you trying to model your street or utility network? Then the Geodatabases, Linear Referencing & Geometric Networks class we are holding on March 7 – 9 is just what you need.

This 3 day course is designed to introduce users to Esri’s Geodatabase format. This GIS data format provides enhanced tools for data creation, data modeling, and data validation. Participants will learn how to design, create and manage Geodatabases. At the end of the course, students will have an in-depth understanding of the Geodatabase structure and Geodatabase tools for creating and editing data while maintaining data integrity, and will develop a solid foundation for future development into SDE. These tools include subtypes and domains, topology, linear referencing (routes), and Geometric Networks.

Course Topics:

  • Geodatabase concepts and basics
  • Converting data to the Geodatabase format
  • Understanding Spatial References & Coordinate Systems
  • Validating attributes with Domains/Subtypes
  • Validating features with Topology
  • Editing with the Geodatabase
  • Spatial Adjustment & Attribute Transfer
  • Geometric Networks
  • Editing Networks
  • Network Analysis
  • Working with routes
  • Linking to external database


Cost is $1,350.00. Register before the close of business on Feb 24 and save $175.00 off the normal price.  Discounts are available for organizations that send 2 or more students.


This course was created and will be taught by John Schaeffer, GISP. John has over 25 years of experience in technical education and 16 years of experience using and teaching GIS and is certified as a GISP through the GIS Certification Institute and is an ESRI authorized consultant and instructor. John regularly develops and teaches hands-on GIS classes in ArcGIS, Spatial Analyst, and Geodatabases.


2750 Premiere Parkway
Duluth GA 30097

Please contact me at to register or if you have any questions.

Tripp Corbin, CFM, GISP
CEO & Lead Instructor
eGIS Associates, Inc.

ArcGIS 10: What’s new – online class – Feb 16th

Though ArcGIS 10.1 will be coming out very soon (It is moving from Beta to release candidate testing), many are just now migrating from 9.3 to 10. ArcGIS 10 represents the biggest change to ArcGIS since it was first released at least from an appearance and workflow standpoint. For example editing is completely different with the introduction of Feature Templates, the Create Features Window and revised Snapping Environment. Esri has also added additional functionality to the core product such as Data Driven Pages and Dynamic Text. With all these changes, transitioning to ArcGIS 10 is not as easy as it has been with past versions.

eGIS Associates is conducting an online session of our ArcGIS 10: What’s New course on February 16 from 8:30 to 4:30 Est. This one day course covers:

  • General changes in ArcGIS 10
  • Changes to the ArcMap Interface
  • Editing in ArcGIS 10 with Feature Templates & the new snapping environment
  • Creating Data Driven Pages and Using Dynamic Text
  • Geocoding in ArcGIS 10

This course has been used by several organizations as a stepping stone to kick start their migration to ArcGIS 10 including Georgia Power, Columbus Georgia, Atlanta Watershed Management, Florence Co. SC, and the Suwannee River Water Management District in Florida. Here is some feedback from students that have attended this course:

“It is a quick to see what is new in 10” – Glenn Horvath, Suwannee River Water Management District

I learned the basic upgrades using ARC 10. The books and the power points were very easy to follow and efficient time was given to complete exercises without feeling rushed.” – Tilda Musgrove, Suwannee River Water Management District

The class was excellent. We had a mix of students with varying degrees of experience in GIS and the class was useful to everyone” – Thomas McCraken, GIS Analyst, Georgia Power.

I am in the GIS learning process and this class provided great information. The instructor was well informed  on each topic and the exercises were good to follow up.” – Martha L. Santana, GIS Planner, City of Columbus, GA

We covered a lot of topics and learned about the new features in ArcGIS 10. It was a very helpful class and the instructor was very knowledgeable.” – Rosana Justel, City of Columbus, GA

The cost to attend this course is only $300.00. I will be the instructor. I am an Esri Certified Trainer with over 20 years of GIS, Mapping and surveying experience.

If you are interested in attending this class or would like more information, please feel free to contact me.

Tripp Corbin, MCP, CFM, GISP | Chief Executive Officer
eGIS Associates, Inc. |
678-710-9710 ext 21 | 866-304-3864 Fax
Esri Certified Trainer | Esri Certified Desktop Associate

Python for GIS Programming Bootcamp in February

eGIS Associates is holding a Python GIS Programming Bootcamp in the Metro Atlanta Area on February 13-16.  The four day class will be taught by an Instructor with years of real world experience developing GIS applications and scripts and will cover:

Day 1

Python Programming Fundamentals

Introduction to Programming ArcGIS 10 with Python The ArcPy Mapping Module Working with Geoprocessing Tools and Toolboxes

Day 2

Listing and Describing Geographic Data

Selecting, Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data from Tables and Feature Classes Miscellaneous Topics

Day 3

Reading and Processing Delimited Text files Writing Data to a Text File Searching for Files by Extension Renaming Files Loading an XML Document Check for Well Formed XML Documents Accessing XML Nodes and Elements Reading and Writing CSV Files Creating a Zip Archive and Adding Files Working with Databases Sending Email Retrieving Files from an FTP Server

Day 4

Creating Graphs with ArcPy and ArcToolbox Creating ArcGIS Script Tools Integrating Custom Scripts with ArcToolbox Finding and Fixing Broken Data Links Mapping Input Fields to Output Fields Publishing Map Documents to ArcGIS Server Working with ArcSDE Geodatabases in Python Using FeatureSet and Recordset

Seating is limited. So you need to sign up soon to reserve your seat. We are charging the same amount as our normal three day classes. So you are getting one day free. Please contact me at if you are interested in attending this instructor led class.

Want to build mobile applications for ArcGIS Server? We can teach you how.

eGIS Associates is excited to announce our newest course, Building Mobile ArcGIS Server Applications.  This new instructor guided internet course, teachs you how to build mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows 7 Phone and Blackberry powered devices using ArcGIS Server, JavaScript, HTML5 and PhoneGap.

Course Modules:HTML5

  1. Mastering ArcGIS Server API for JavaScript
  2. HTML5 and CSS3
  3. DojoX Mobile
  4. PhoneGap
  5. Capstone Project

Cost & Schedule:

Instructor Guided Internet Class – April 16 – May 18

Cost is $715.00. Register before February 15th and the cost is only $567.00 – Click here download registration form

For a more detailed course description go to:

Don’t forget about our other training offerings. eGIS Associates offers a wealth of GIS classes for the beginner to advanced. Classes are offered as traditional instructor led as well as via the web. To see a list of our upcoming classes go to

We also offer self paced eCourses. Visit our website for a complete list of eCourses.

December GIS Classes – Online & Instructor Led

We still have seats open in our December classes. We have both traditional instructor led classes scheduled as well as an online class. Seats are limited to 8 students per class and are on a first come first serve basis. Here is a list of these upcoming classes.

December 2011 Metro Atlanta (Duluth) Georgia

  1. Geodatabase, Linear Referencing, and Geometric Network Basics – Dec 5 thru 7 – taught by an instructor from Juniper GIS – Click Here to Register
  2. Using Spatial Analyst for ArcGIS – Dec 8 thru 9 – taught by instructor from Juniper GIS – Click Here to Register

Web based Instructor Led Course

  1. ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam Prep Class – Dec 19 – 22 – four 4 hour sessions from 1:30 to 5:30 EST – Click Here to Register

For information on GIS services, software or training please contact us at

GISP Certification Workshop – Save the Date

When: Friday, December 2, 2011

About: The NC Chapter of American Public Works Association – Technology Division, is hosting a “GISP Certification Workshop”. The GISP is an internationally recognized certification for GISP Professionals which is overseen and managed by the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI).  The workshop will assist those wanting to know more about the GISP certification, who are applying for GISP certification or renewing their existing certification. Please bring all documentation that you have to the workshop for review. The workshop will be lead by GISCI representative Tripp Corbin.


Central Piedmont Community College – Geospatial Technology Training Center Room 1118 Levine Technology Building
1125 Charlottetowne Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28204-3375

Parking is available in Student Decks 1 and 2

Campus Map —


  • Onsite Registration begins at 9:00am
  • Workshop begins at 10:00am
  • Lunch provided at Noon
  • Workshop ends at 4:00pm

About the Instructor: Tripp Corbin, CFM, GISP

Tripp Corbin has over 20 years of surveying, mapping and GIS related experience. He earned his GISP certification in 2005 and has been a member of the GISP Application review committee for many years. Tripp has provided mentoring for GISP applicants by reviewing their applications before submittal to help ensure everything is in order.  He is also a URISA International board member, past President of GA URISA and GITA Southeast Chapter Board Member.

Cost:  The cost of the workshop is $35 for APWA members and $40 for non-APWA members.

Registration: Information will be posted soon to register for this event.

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