South Carolina Pictometry User Group Agenda

If you aren’t on the mailing list and are planning to go to his, here’s the agenda.

  1. The date (April 15th) is a little more than 2 weeks away for the first of our annual Pictometry User Conference’s in Carolinas.  The second one will be held on May 27th in Charlotte North Carolina.  Many folks have already registered but there is still room for more people to attend.  We have lined up a very exciting program of speakers including current customers and Pictometry Technical Folks (See the newly released agenda attached).
  2. The day long event will be hosted by Palm Beach County at their Emergency Operations Center located @ 2500 City Hall Lane North Charleston, SC 29406 See map and oblique image below
  3. Remember, this is a free event (morning refreshments and lunch will be provided) and should be a fantastic opportunity for you to socialize and communicate with fellow Counties and /Cities, from across the Carolinas.
  4. To register for the event please contact Barry Grimes our Customer Relationship Representative via email at or by phone at (585-487-1487). (We need you to register so we have a head count for lunch).  We look forward to having you there.
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