Get more bang for your training dollars with Keck & Wood’s new Ongoing GIS Education Support Program.  Due to the current economic climate, training budgets are rapidly shrinking.  This means every training dollar needs to be stretched to provide the most value.  Keck & Wood faces these same challenges and understands the complex nature of the problem. 

To help our customers get the most of out of each training dollar, each student that takes an instructor led GIS class from Keck & Wood will get the following extra value services:

  •  90 days of free phone, email, & web GIS support
  •  15% discount off future Keck & Wood Instructor Led GIS classes
  •  5% discount off DVD Self Paced Classes
  •  5% discount off Instructor Guided Internet Based Classes
  •  Able audit future sessions of the same class as a refresher at no charge

 It is Keck & Wood’s hope that these extra value training services will help our customers stretch each training dollar just a little further.  Please visit our website at for a list of upcoming GIS classes.

For more information about the program including terms and conditions go to: