ArcGIS Desktop & Server Classes

Keck & Wood’s GIS Instructors will be teaching several upcoming classes on ArcGIS Desktop and Server. These classes will be held in Georgia at our new Training Center and in Florida as part of the Seven Hills Regional Users Group GIS Workshop. Below is a the schedule of upcoming classes listed by location. Please visit our website at for more information and to register.

Georgia – Keck & Wood Training Center & Corporate Office, Duluth, GA

  • ArcGIS Desktop I: Getting to Know GIS –  Oct 11-12
  • ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools & Functionality – Oct 13-15
  • ArcGIS Desktop III: Analysis & Workflows – Nov 2-3

Florida – Tallahassee FL – SHRUG GIS Workshop Classes

  • ArcGIS Desktop I: Getting to Know GIS – Nov 15 thru 16
  • ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools & Functionality – Nov 15 thru 16 & Nov 19
  • ArcGIS Server Basics: Installation, Services & Tweaks – Nov 15 thru 16
  • Using AutoCAD Data in ArcGIS – Nov 15 thru 16

The classes will be based on ArcGIS 9.3.1 platform. If you are interested in the newly released ArcGIS 10 platform please let us know. If there seems to be more interest in ArcGIS 10 we will either change the class or schedule additional ArcGIS 10 classes to meet the need.

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  1. Our October ArcGIS Desktop I and II classes and the November ArcGIS Desktop III class will be taught using ArcGIS Desktop 10 instead of 9.3.1. Everyone that has signed up for these classes so far is migrating to or has already migrated to version 10. As a result we are adjusting our classes to meet this need.


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