During GIS-Pro 2010 in Orlando at the Chapter Leaders Forum and also during the Chapter Roll Call, we talked about ways to reach out to chapter members who were not members of URISA International. One of the ideas that was presented and received full support of the board was the development of an Introductory Membership option to those individuals who are URISA Chapter members, GISPs, and GISCorps volunteers who are not currently a member of URISA International.  Greatly expanding the URISA Community will assist with advocacy efforts (a stronger voice to address your primary professional concerns); grow the expertise and knowledge base of our organization; allow for more collaboration, and attract more sponsoring organizations to help support our educational efforts.

In summary, we are offering $20 full professional membership (valid through December 31, 2011) to any chapter member, GISP or GISCorp volunteer who has not been a member of URISA International within the past two years.  The value of a URISA membership far exceeds the normal $175 registration, so this offer is an extraordinary value to your chapter members. We have posted the details of the Introductory Membership Offer online: http://www.urisa.org/intro_membership

I encourage you to join URISA now.  Being a member of URISA has many advantages including:

  • URISA Journal – one of the top ranked peer-reviewed journals in the geospatial industry, published biannually (a $295 value)
  • The GIS Professional – URISA’s bimonthly publication with member-contributed articles on technology, trends, case studies and more (a $60 value)
  • Publications – online publications library with dozens of electronic publications and conference proceedings ($3,000 value)
  • Advocacy – national level advocacy in multiple nations for local interests based on a collaboratively-developed advocacy agenda (priceless)
  • Affiliation with an International organization active in advocacy on behalf of members and the profession (priceless)
  • Best Practices – consensus and publication of best practices on a wide variety of processes and procedures (priceless)
  • Contribution Opportunities for GISPs – conference speaking & attendance; publication of articles; opportunities for involvement (priceless)
  • Leadership Development – opportunities to develop or improve leadership skills within URISA committees and work groups (priceless)
  • Numerous Educational Opportunities – webinars, conferences, workshops ($200 value)
  • GIS-Pro Annual Conference registration savings ($150 value)
  • Specialty Conference registration savings – GIS/CAMA Technologies, URISA/NENA Addressing, GIS in Public Health, GIS in Public Transportation, URISA’s Caribbean GIS Conference and more ($375 value)
  • URISA Leadership Academy registration savings ($200 value)
  • URISA Digest – updates on URISA activities, announcements, and industry news ($40 value)
  • Job Opportunities/Postings – access to comprehensive listings of job openings ($250 value)
  • Website Forum – opportunity to communicate at any time with peers and colleagues on issues (priceless)
  • Build Your Professional Network – with members beyond your own local area and in a variety of disciplines (priceless)

 Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.