ArcGIS Desktop & Server Classes for 2011

Keck & Wood is excited to announce our instructor led class schedule for the first quarter of 2011. This will include class on ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, Python, and Developing Web Applications using ArcGIS server with Flex, Silverlight and JavaScript.

To help stretch training and travel dollars a bit further, we are offering classes via our Virtual and Instructor Guided Internet Classrooms. We will still offer our traditional instructor led classes as well. Keck & Wood hopes providing classes through different media will give our customers more options to meet their needs and budgets.

As always, these classes can be used as education points toward getting or maintaining the GISP Certification. Other Organizations and States do accept these classes as continuing education and professional development points.

Class Schedule 

January 2011

Internet Classes:              

Instructor Led Classes:

 February 2011

Internet Classes:

Instructor Led Classes:

March  2011

Instructor Led Classes:

For more details and a complete list of all the GIS courses we offer, please visit our website at or email us at All classes use the ArcGIS 10 platform unless otherwise stated. 9.3 classes are available by request.

Tripp Corbin, MCP, CFM, GISP
Vice President, GIS/IT
Keck & Wood, Inc.
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