Last week Esri released Service Pack 3 for ArcGIS 10. This patch fixed numerous issues. Issues with Parcel Fabric Tools, Metadata and working with MSD files seem to top the list. Several issues with data driven pages were also addressed. I have listed a few of the issues addressed by this service pack below.

ArcGIS Desktop:

  1. Sort Ascending in the Identify window sorts Double fields by string values rather than numeric values.
  2. Cut Polygon Features tool fails on feature classes that have been upgraded from low to high precision spatial references.
  3. Metadata shows incorrect processing environment for Vista and Windows 7
  4. Calculate Adjacent Fields Tool in the Data Driven Pages Toolset: Geometry restrictions are too strict. Does not work with less than perfect Grids
  5. Calculate Field with Expression None and Expression Type PYTHON or PYTHON9.3 does nothing and no error/warning given
  6. ArcCatalog crashes when importing a single specific feature into ArcSDE
  7. Projection/Coordinate System information is not read properly in ArcGIS 10 and is marked as Undefined, but is read correctly by ArcGIS 9.3.1 SP1
  8. An unexpected error occurs when selecting by location  on a layer that has a join and a definition query defined from joined field
  9. For CAD data in ArcMap at version 10, Layer Properties > Transformations tab > Enable Transformations > Rotate, Scale and Translate option no longer works. The data does not move when this option is selected.
  10. Toolbar cannot be placed in a desired docked position where it remains after closing and reopening a map.
  11. ArcMap crashes when exporting a map built with Data Driven Pages to PDF when the frame of the extent indicators is set with offset cartographic line symbols and the PDF pages options are set to multiple pages using page names.
  12. When using Data Driven Pages with a Scale field, the data are not always centered in the layout
  13. Maptips do not draw properly when hyperlinks are enabled and you hover over a feature with the Hyperlink tool
  14. Editing features using the attribute window may cause ArcMap to crash.
  15. The Split tool has been enhanced to allow the ability to divide a line into more than 99 equal segments. Also, Construct Points has been enhanced to allow the creation of more than 999 new points.
  16. Unable to successfully open map documents in ArcGIS 10 back saved to a previous version that contain unreferenced inserted images in the data frame; receive error ‘Opening the selected ArcMap document failed. The data frames of the map document could not be read.’
  17. In Data Driven pages with rotated data frames the north arrow shrinks when viewing the different pages.
  18. Incorrect renaming of the Geodatabase objects (Feature Classes, Feature Datasets, Topologies, and so on) within ArcCatalog; results in corruption of the Geodatabase and makes the renamed objects unusable within ArcCatalog.
  19. The patterns in a Marker Line Symbol may shift during Export or Printing when the line features intersect with the map frame
  20. ArcMap crashes performing ‘Copy Parallel’ on certain features.
  21. When adjusting parcels, the Parcel Editor reports that you don’t have enough active control points.
  22. Hillshade tool with model shadows option produces artifacts when used with low altitude values.
  23. Parcel Fabric relates are duplicated when switching versions.
  24. When a parcel is opened, the Control Layer isn’t  visible.
  25. Changing the version with the fabric table window open does not refresh the table view.
  26. After reconciling and posting a version with fabric edits, the state ID of the child version being posted was higher than the Default version.
  27. When reconciling a version that has fabrics and annotation, the process is very slow.
  28. Parcel Remainder is leaving gaps and some curves are flipping.
  29. The Make Parcel Fabric Table View is not working on SDE Versions.
  30. WMS service based on MSD map service does not carry datum transformation defined in the map document

ArcGIS Server:

  1. Marker symbol offset setting is ignored with MSD-based map service when feature access is enabled.
  2. REST directory shows wrong ‘Relationships’ information for a feature class with relationships when it is added to an mxd multiple  times.
  3. Publishing an Esri Optimized Map Service with a Query Layer takes longer than publishing the same MXD as a Classic Map Service.
  4. Using the tool ‘Export Map Server Cache’ crashes ArcGIS Desktop if the cache to be exported was created with a previous version of ArcGIS Server.
  5. ArcCatalog crashes while generating a map cache with more than 16 or 30 instances when using a feature class at scales larger than 18K.
  6. The Import Map Server Cache tool is removing JPEG compression from source tiles when existing tiles are replaced.
  7. In ArcGIS Server Java 10.0 ADF, polygon features with donut features are not handled through the ADF selection results window correctly. Once they are in the selection window, hovering over the selection of the outer polygon results in both being selected.
  8. Composite locator leaks memory in ArcGIS Server and may cause stability issues with the geocode service if system resources get low.

Those are just a few of the many items this serve pack addresses. For a complete list go to:

To download this service pack for ArcGIS Desktop, Engine or Server go to:

I have installed the service pack and so far it has been stable. I have not had time to put it through any heavy testing yet. So I would use some caution when installing it. If it does not address a specific issue you are having, I would suggest letting others do the testing and find any bugs this service pack might introduce.

Tripp Corbin, CFM, GISP
eGIS Associates, Inc.