This week at the Esri Federal Users Conference, Jack Dangermond talked about the pending release of ArcGIS 10.1. During his presentation he shared that parts of this new release would start hitting the streets sometime in March. With the release of any new software version, you have to make a determination about whether or not you and your organization should upgrade or not. There are always several factors that play into such a decision but one of the key factors is “does the new release contain functionality that would make my life easier.”

So what is some of the new functionality you can expect to see with ArcGIS 10.1. Also don’t forget that Esri is changing the names of the Licensing levels for ArcGIS Desktop to be more consistent with ArcGIS Server. ArcView is now ArcGIS Desktop Basic. ArcEditor is now ArcGIS Desktop Standard and ArcInfo is now ArcGIS Desktop Advanced.

Integration with other Software:

  1. Integration with Microsoft Office with new application call Maps Ribbon. This application takes data stored in a spreadsheet and creates maps on the fly. This map can then be exported to PowerPoint.
  2. Integration with Microsoft Sharepoint, IBM Cognos, and
  3. Full 64 Bit support
  4. Linux version

Editing and Visualization:

  1. Import support for KML files – Import KML files directly into maps
  2. Edit Tracking – New Tab that shows edit while changing or adding features. See what you have done
  3. Dynamic Legends – Change with display and scale
  4. Improved support for Time enabled data – New live mode allows live information to be incorporated into map
  5. Improved Map Packages –allow additional information to be included in the file such as reports and timelines
  6. Better integration with ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server for improved sharing of data


  1. New Grouping Analysis – find patterns using multiple variables
  2. Spatial weighting based on distance

Data Formats:

  1. ArcGIS Server can now render LiDAR data into a 3D model
  2. ArcGIS Desktop supports use of LAS files
  3. Several New base maps have been added to ArcGIS online gallery
  4. Full motion video support
  5. Multitemporal and multispectral image display can now be viewed as a single library

Application Development:

  1. ArcGIS Runtime – allows for creation of light weight focused desktop applications
  2. New Web APIs

I am sure there will be more information released as we get closer to the actual release. I hope this proves helpful as you begin planning for the release of 10.1.

Tripp Corbin, CFM, GISP
eGIS Associates, Inc.