eGIS Associates is excited to announce, we are now offering GIS classes in South Carolina through a partnership with Microstaff IT. Microstaff IT is an award winning IT training and services company based in Columbia SC.

In addition to traditional GIS classes, we have developed a series of IT classes specifically to teach skills needed by GIS Users. Below is a list of classes we will be holding at Microstaff IT’s facility in Columbia SC in the near future.

ArcGIS Classes:

  • ArcGIS  Desktop 1: Getting to know GIS – July 12 -13 Official Esri Course
  • ArcGIS Desktop 2: Tools & Functionality – July 16-18 Official Esri Course
  • ArcGIS Desktop Associate  Certification Exam Prep – July 19-20

IT Classes for GIS Users

  • SQL Server 1: Managing  & maintaining data in SQL Server – June 20-22, New class of GIS Users that need to  manage SDE Geodatabases in SQL Server.
  • Intro to computer networking basics for GIS Users  – July  2-3, New class
  • SQL Server 2: Installing & Configuring SQL Server  – July 25-27, New class for those implementing SDE with SQL Server

For more information about these classes please visit our website or email us at