When you receive your attendance certificate, it will be in PDF format and should open and print directly from the e-mail. However there are times that a PDF may not print. What follows are some troubleshooting procedures to try.

  • Make certain you have the latest version of Acrobat Reader installed – If you are using a very old version the PDF file may just be incompatible with your version.
  • Save the PDF attachment to your computer first, then open it and try to print it – Sometimes security settings in your e-mail client may prevent you from opening or printing documents.
  • Try printing to a different printer – Some printers, specifically postscript printers can be particular in how they print. Try a non-postscript printer, or if you are using a non-postscript printer try one that does use Postscript.
  • Request another copy of your certificate – Errors can occur when generating a large number of PDFs with the certificate mailer program, perhaps at some point between here and there the file was corrupted.
  • Lastly, if you cannot get it to print we can always mail you a paper copy.