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Finding Ning Po: Using GPS/GIS to Map Historical Artifacts in Catalina Harbor
Caroline Dunlap, GIS Analyst, Florence County GIS

In November of 2013, Caroline traveled to Catalina Island, CA to participate in a week-long GPS/GIS Field Techniques excursion through the University of Southern California’s GIST Graduate certificate program. This presentation will give a basic overview of the excursion and go into detail of the final project completed on the island, which involved using GPS and GIS to locate and map an ancient Chinese Junk (ship) called the Ning Po resting in the peaceful waters of Catalina Harbor. The main focus of the presentation will be on the rich and colorful history of Catalina’s Isthmus and to discuss the important role modern spatial technologies play in helping us understand the past.
Caroline Dunlap has been working with Florence County since 2008 as a GIS Analyst.


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Matthew Jones, Account Manager, ESRI
Anthony Myers, Solution Engineer, ESRI

2014 is a big year for innovation in GIS. During our discussion we will recap some of the highlights from the SEUC, and we will provide a hands on overview on new features like disconnected editing, and Operations Dashboard with HTML5. We will discuss some of the enhancements to ArcGIS Online and will provide some insight into the direction of development.
Matthew Jones was a property manager for the railroad where he helped to develop their first internal real property management, and GIS system. Matt’s focus is on asset management and valuation analytics.
Anthony Myers joined Esri a year ago, prior to that time he was the GIS director for the City of Naples, FL. Anthony’s specialty is developing well integrated GIS/IT systems that take advantage of COTS solutions.

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