Using a Geographical Information Systems program, updates current data and maintains a comprehensive geo-database composed of such emergency management related areas as infrastructure, demographics, hydrology, etc.  Acquires new data through participation in outside GIS data groups and development of new data sharing partnerships.  Develops and maintains centralized GIS data library, which serves as a base for live web services.  Creates and maintains GIS applications using Adobe Flex, ESRI, ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online Portal, ArcGIS Server and other tools and software to be utilized both day-to-day and during emergencies and exercise; this includes, but is not limited to SC ESRI Dashboard (Palmetto Vision), and ESRI Web applications.  Develops ways to integrate existing systems with GIS to include, but not limited to various Damage Assessment tools.  Maintains GIS development and production environment with up-to-date system and application patches, service packs, software upgrades, etc.  During emergency responses, coordinates the acquisition of new imagery, manes imagery analysis, and the production of imagery products.  Provides GIS assistance to the SEOC operations staff during emergency activation and exercises; works in the SEOC as assigned, with the ability to make services to appear quickly in the ESRI Flex viewer.  Familiarity with HAZUS is a plus.  As part of the Plans sections, conducts Risk and Vulnerability Assessments in coordination with the Division’s Risk Analyst.  Serves as the technical backbone/data manager in support of the Division’s Emergency Management Common Operating Picture (EM-COP) initiative.
 Minimum and Additional Requirements:
A Bachelor’s Degree in geography or a related field with experience in the use of GIS software.  Must possess knowledge of spatial analysis and cartography, graphic hardware and GIS software applicable to civil emergency/crisis management, including industrial site/transportation incidents and other Emergency Support Functions.  Must be skilled in the operation of GIS hardware and software and have the ability to prepare analytical, concise maps, tables, reports, plans and oral presentations.  May incur overnight travel during attendance at conferences, seminars and training courses.  Will be required to serve in the Emergency Operations Center during activation on assigned shift.
 Additional Comments:
Only those applicants chosen for an interview will be notified of job filled status. A resume will not be considered in the place of a completed South Carolina Employment Application.

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Application closes 3/30/15