Good Morning All

As more and more of us are starting to work with ArcGIS Server, flex apps (VIPER, etc.) and otherwidgets, we are finding that many of us are using the same tools. We are also finding that many of usare trying to discover data feeds, etc. that would be of benefit to us in SC. In order to minimizeduplication of effort in the searching and learning process, Gloria Forthun from EMD has set up a YahooGroup that anyone (state, local, or others with interest) can participate in. The purpose is to help shareideas, links/data pertinent GIS web apps, widgets we modify/develop, etc. We hope that this will cutdown on searching across the web and other forums. We believe this will help save time.

HOW – go to and click on Groups. If you are not already signed up for Yahoo, you will needto do this (quick/easy). Sign up for the GISandFlexApps group. You can even set it up so messages are sent to your normal email account. If you need help with any of this, please contact either Gloria or I and we will be glad to assist. I’ve already posted some content out there to get us started. Please help us all by getting involved. It won’t take much time, and it can save you and others ALOT of time.

Thank you,

Tim De Troye