Voorhees College in Denmark SC is going to put on a summer camp program for high school students (9-12 grade) and it will be three weeks in duration. They do not have any ESRI licenses at this time but I have contacted ESRI to see if anything can be done. I also don’t know if ArcGIS Explorer would be able to do what they need, in which case it may be significantly easier to get them up and running for the three week camp.

If you can think of anyone who is available and might be interested in doing the work for them, can you please let Barbara know?

I am the project director of an Environmental Science, Math, and Related Technology (eSMART) Day Camp program. It will consist of high school students during research in the environmental science areas. The program will run from July 1 and July 6-23, 2010. I would like to offer a class on GIS to support their research projects. The class would be held from 8am-12noon, M-F, except for the days they will travel to learn more about environmental issues. The pay is $1,500 per week for 3 weeks totalling $4,500. The faculty and college interns are requested to attend an orientation on June 30 and a closing evaluation on July 24. If you have someone that can instruct our students in research using GIS, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your immediate attention to this request.

Barbara Nimmons
Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Voorhees College
P.O. Box 678
Denmark, SC 29003
(803) 780-1166
(803) 780-1024 (Pricillia Brantley, Administrative Assistant)