Looks like ESRI is starting to let folks download the final release of ArcGIS 10. I was able to download ours yesterday. For those of you that opted for the download option, if you have not received you email with instructions yet, I am sure you will be soon.

One of the many things that have changed with the release of 10 is how you get your license files. ESRI has a new customer portal that allows you to allocate all your various licenses and generate provisioning files. A provisioning file is a text file that can be used to pre-populate user information and authorization numbers in the Software Authorization Wizard instead of manually entering the information. For the ArcGIS License Manager, the provisioning file is in the format *.prvs. For ArcGIS Desktop, Engine, Server, the provisioning file is in the format *.prvc.  For those that run concurrent licenses, this is very similar to the license files we always received. It will work a little differently for single use licenses especially if you have multiple licenses.

If you have multiple single use licenses, when you go to generate provisioning files for those licenses, you will have to allocate and generate a file for each individual computer you plan to assign a license. For example we have 5 single use ArcView licenses. I cannot generate one provisioning file allocating all 5 of my licenses and use it to install on 5 different computers. Instead I must generate five different provisioning files.  

For additional information go to:  https://customers.esri.com/index.cfm?event=general.dspHelp&topic=authorizations

 You may need to login to your ESRI global account to access the link. Hopefully this will help as you start to migrate to ArcGIS 10.