eGIS Associates is holding a Python GIS Programming Bootcamp in the Metro Atlanta Area on February 13-16.  The four day class will be taught by an Instructor with years of real world experience developing GIS applications and scripts and will cover:

Day 1

Python Programming Fundamentals

Introduction to Programming ArcGIS 10 with Python The ArcPy Mapping Module Working with Geoprocessing Tools and Toolboxes

Day 2

Listing and Describing Geographic Data

Selecting, Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data from Tables and Feature Classes Miscellaneous Topics

Day 3

Reading and Processing Delimited Text files Writing Data to a Text File Searching for Files by Extension Renaming Files Loading an XML Document Check for Well Formed XML Documents Accessing XML Nodes and Elements Reading and Writing CSV Files Creating a Zip Archive and Adding Files Working with Databases Sending Email Retrieving Files from an FTP Server

Day 4

Creating Graphs with ArcPy and ArcToolbox Creating ArcGIS Script Tools Integrating Custom Scripts with ArcToolbox Finding and Fixing Broken Data Links Mapping Input Fields to Output Fields Publishing Map Documents to ArcGIS Server Working with ArcSDE Geodatabases in Python Using FeatureSet and Recordset

Seating is limited. So you need to sign up soon to reserve your seat. We are charging the same amount as our normal three day classes. So you are getting one day free. Please contact me at if you are interested in attending this instructor led class.